Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania

846 North Broad St.
1st Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130-
Phone: (215) 765-1221, Website:
Kenneth Bigos, Executive Director

Points of Contact

Kenneth Bigos, Executive Director

Standards Adopted

Foreclosure Intervention Specialty
Homeownership Counseling
Homeownership Education


Dionne Cerdan
Jacqueline Eccleston
Kenneth Bigos
Abraham Reyes Pardo


Services & Other Info

Credit Counseling
Delinquency/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Financial Literacy Training
Postpurchase Counseling
Prepurchase Counseling (one-on-one)
Prepurchase Education (group workshops)
HUD Approved Agency
Affiliate/sub-grantee of a National HUD Housing Counseling Intermediary
HomeFree U S A
Affiliate/sub-grantee of a State Housing Finance Agency