NeighborWorks Alaska

2515 A Street
Anchorage, AK 99503--2709
Phone: (907) 677-8490, Website:
Barbara Worley, Director of Lending and Homeownership

Points of Contact

Barbara Worley, Director of Lending and Homeownership
Sue Perrins, HomeOwnership Center Manager
Mary Pflughoft, Homeownership Specialist

Standards Adopted

Financial Capability
Homeownership Counseling
Homeownership Education
Rental Housing Counseling


Barbara Worley
Mary Pflughoft
Suzanne Perrins


Services & Other Info

Credit Counseling
Delinquency/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Financial Literacy Training
Home Maintenance Training
Homeless Services
Mortgage Lending
Postpurchase Counseling
Prepurchase Counseling (one-on-one)
Prepurchase Education (group workshops)
Rental Housing Counseling
HUD Approved Agency
Affiliate/sub-grantee of a National HUD Housing Counseling Intermediary
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation